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02 Jan

The network simulator (ns-2) is a software, assisting the research and development process in network domain which require large scale experiments of newbies protocols those are tedious for checking in real time.
The ns-2 package is built in with both C++ and OTcl language. The core functionalities are written in C++ and the configurations are given in OTcl. The rebuilt feature provided in the existing ns2 package accommodates new protocols along with the enhanced validation of the behavior of existing protocols.

The enhanced infrastructure of the simulator facilitates the development of new protocols and the performance verification in TCP/IP model of different Wired, Wireless networks such as IP network, Mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), and Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET).

An appropriate startup support for installation is made available under various OS platforms to initiate the simulation in ns-2.

Experimenting a new protocol in ns-2 involves the following steps

  1. Modification of .cc and .h files according to protocol specification and setting default values in files located in lib folder
  2. Rebuilding ns-2 with the modified protocol
  3. Creating the scenario for the evaluation of protocol in terms of node configurations, network topology, communication events, and mobility models in .tcl fil
  4. Invocation and simulating new protocol in created scenario
  5. Observing the performance from the resultant files and animation using awk script and nam respectively
  6. Visualizing the plotted graph results through Xgraph

It is sufficient to follow the afore said steps from iii to vi for experimenting existing protocols in ns-2.

Tools and Technologies used in ns-2

  1. C++
  2. AWK
  3. OTCL
  4. NAM


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